Jenny Tools

Ratchet Cutters

Cu / Al / Telecom

CAT. No. 9010: One-Hand Operation Ratchet Cutter

CAT. No. 7015/7115: Ratchet Drive Cutters

7015-Steel Handles
7115-Fiberglass Handles

CAT. No. 7116 Ratchet Drive Cutter

CAT. No. 7017: Telecommunications Cable Cutter

Cu / Al / ACSR

CAT. No. 9009: Hand-Operated Ratchet Drive ACSR Cutter

CAT. No. 7118: Ratchet Drive Cutter

CAT. No. 7122 Ratchet Drive Cutter

Do not cut live conductors – may result in serious injury.

Warranty: All JENNY TOOLS are unconditionally guaranteed for one full year against defects in material or workmanship and will be repaired or replaced at our discretion, provided that they have not been misused or abused.